Commercial general contractor integrates Jobs to Bid information and subcontractor forms from SmartBidNet software database into company website

The majority of JB Knowledge’s construction industry clients use the SmartBidNet software solution. This platform allows general contractors to manage the pre-construction process and their entire network of sub contractors and suppliers via an online system, securely available 24/7. SmartBidNet clients have the option of integrating their software with their own IT systems such as a company website and sometimes request addition IT services.

For one SmartBidNet client in particular, JBK first designed and developed a custom website that better communicated their corporate identity and services. The company then opted to pull selected information from their SmartBidNet database to their company website. The general contractor chose to display their “Jobs to Bid” details so that visitors to their site, such as sub contractors, can easily view open bid requests and submit their proposals. The information displayed on their company website always shows the most current information from the SmartBidNet system so that companies don’t have to worry about keeping both locations updated. (Note that this integration can be done for all SmartBidNet clients JBK designed the actual company website or not.)

The same commercial general contractor then elected to include sub contractor signup and bid forms on their site, where information submitted is sent directly to their SmartBidNet database, and immediately available within the system. Integrating the SmartBidNet software with company IT means less time is spent transferring information and data is always in sync throughout the company’s IT system.

With multiple upgrades to the SmartBidNet software monthly JBK plans to incorporate even more integration opportunities in the future.