JBKnowledge develops a web service that allowed the in-house enterprise database of a large commercial contractor to synchronize in almost real time with the hosted SmartBidNet solution

As mentioned in the first case study, the majority of JB Knowledge’s construction industry clients use the SmartBidNet software solution. SmartBidNet clients have the option of integrating our software with not only their company website but also with in-house IT.

For one client in particular, JB Knowledge developed a web application that synchronized data between the commercial contractor’s in-house enterprise database and the hosted SmartBidNet solution. With the two systems integrated, the general contractor is able to keep data consistent and current throughout their entire IT infrastructure. This has saved time and money, preventing manual transfer of data and eliminating the worry of “who has the most current information.”

With multiple upgrades to the SmartBidNet software monthly JBK plans incorporate even more integration opportunities in the future.