Data comes from many sources, in many forms. Let our electronic data interchange solutions help you organize and integrate it for guaranteed accuracy, accountability, and compliance.


Enterprise Data Migration & Integration

Not all data management is confined to a company’s own operations. For many companies, such as Third Party Administrators, it is essential to manage, transfer, and organize data across organizations. For these companies, the enterprise IT architecture requires a medium for data interchange and integration.

For many clients in the insurance and risk management sector, JBKnowledge builds a variety of EDI solutions that integrate providers, clients, and vendors. These solutions automatically transfer requested data in the desired format. Documents and information can be formatted and exchanged securely with just a click. Performance and compliance reports then keep users informed of how and when their information is transmitting, freeing users from manual transmission and monitoring.

Enterprise integration solutions sync computers, people, and data, improving collaboration and reducing the complications associated with sharing large amounts of sensitive data.


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Data Scrubbing & Analysis

Data scrubbing, or data cleansing, keeps your IT system honest and useful. You can have the best IT systems available, but an excess of error ridden data can render it useless.

Most companies today are data intensive, and a system for detecting and correcting database errors is essential to successful operations. Not only you, but your clients, depend on spotless data. We can build custom data cleansing applications to detect a variety of data errors, from human input errors to data merging or renovation errors. We can help you prevent one trivial error from multiplying into a large database complication. A custom software would check your databases for consistency, completeness, and accuracy using algorithms tailored to your specific data.


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