JBKnowledge develops internal enterprise management software and custom XML policy database for TPA to improve client management and integration between organizations.

For Third Party Administrators (TPAs), precise and efficient document and workflow management that complies with regulatory requirements is essential. JBK developed an internal enterprise management software that streamlined client account setup, saving the TPA and carriers costly time on collecting, editing, storing and retrieving much needed client information. After recognizing the need for more efficient client account management, a JBK project development team worked with the client to set up a data interchange interface that could be easily managed by the TPA and easily navigated by the client. The enterprise system also delivers business and enterprise unit level reporting data for use by internal and external users for quality and account control purposes.

The same JBK development team later addressed the lack of integration between the TPA’s policy data and the organizations needing that data. A custom XML policy database was developed for real time synchronization of policy data between insurance carriers and data integration between carriers, vendors, and state and federal government clients and vendors.

JBK continues to improve the system used by their TPA client based on their evolving needs as an intermediary in a constantly changing economy.