The goal of our IT strategy consulting services is to evaluate the potential of your current systems and the prospect of introducing new technology. By comparing our findings to your corporate objectives, we make sure you are making the most of the resources available to you.



Assessment & Analysis

Not everyone knows exactly where their IT is lacking and where they can improve. Many companies know they need a change or improvement but are not sure where to start. Starting with a full review of the information technology in question, we assess:

• Organizational Goals and Vision
• IT Architecture and Design
• Employee Involvement and Usage
• Data Organization, Storage, Transmission and Retrieval
• Integration Across Systems
• Reporting and Analysis Tools
• Adaptability and Compliance

We compare our findings to the industry standard and determine where clients are falling behind. From internal document management to the corporate website, it is essential to know that every aspect of your IT strategy is adding value. We will walk you through our findings and paint a detailed picture of your current IT environment. We then set the scene of your ideal IT environment.


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Development & Implementation

After an initial systems assessment provided by you or performed by us, we can discuss reevaluating your information technology strategy to employ new solutions or make better use of current solutions. A full technical analysis can then be done to evaluate the capacity of your current infrastructure and the foundation we can build from or what we need to reconstruct.

After specifying the technical details we would formulate a broader vision of your expectations and company goals into the strategy which we will adhere to throughout the development process, until the solution is live and running. The most important component here is the exchange of information between your company and our team assigned to you so that the resulting solution coincides perfectly with your expectations of the it.

Through the following steps we’ll follow the strategy we develop through to implementation and completion:

• Definition of Company Vision, Goals, and Growth Expectations
• Outlining of Business Requirements, Current Capabilities, and Necessary Compliance
• Development of Solution Infrastructure, Including Databases, Hardware, Users, and Interfaces
• Quality Assurance Testing and User Training Before, During and After Deployment


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Systems Integration

Our job isn’t always to clean out the old and replace with the new. We would not hand you a disconnected version of our software, neither do we want our solutions to further complicate and segregate your information technology. We work with all of our clients to integrate the solutions we provide, with any and all of their current IT as much as possible. Our mission is to make your IT infrastructure more efficient, not more costly.

Our most popular integration solutions come with our software products such as SmartBidNet and SmartCompliance where the database of information stored in these systems can be extracted and synced with websites or other company applications. With our SmartBidNet construction bid invitation and bid management software, general contractors can choose to display current bid projects or sub contractor forms on their company website. The data is synced with their software database so that information from the website is automatically pulled from the software and vice versa.

This same integration service, and many more, can also be custom designed for solutions that are not JB Knowledge products.


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